Windows Registry optimieren

Angenehm ist, dass die virtuelle Tastatur sowohl mit Kommandozeilen samt normaler Rechte als auch mit CMD-Instanzen mit erhöhten, also Administrator-Rechten zusammenarbeitet. Die Buchstaben, die Sie im osk-Fenster anklicken, erscheinen im CMD-Befehlsfenster. Manche Kommandozeilenbefehle bewirken eine Textausgabe – die Konsole «antwortet» Ihnen dabei sozusagen mit Informationen. Dies trifft zum Beispiel auf driverquery zu, womit Sie eine […]

Pro Evolution Soccer will become ‘eFootball’ in free-to-play shift

The modified version of Pro Soccer Online APK is completely ad-free, making it an ideal choice for soccer fans who want to fully enjoy the game without interruptions. This app offers dedicated servers, ensuring minimal lag and a smooth, uninterrupted gameplay experience for all users. However, Pro Soccer Online APK lacks an audience in the […]

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At its core, this is a re-telling of The House of the Dead 2 through three pinball tables. All of the tables here are fantastic, even better than a lot of what you’ll find in Pinball FX 2 today. The quick action of pinball is perfectly suited for a handheld, and you haven’t really played […]


There online resources present you with an opportunity to download as many emulator games as you please and embark on a trip through your childhood. Some people compare abandonware websites to antique shops. But unlike antique shops, abandonware websites specialize exclusively in collecting offering for download old versions of utility software, productivity apps, and console […]